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eTrekking 5.9H

eTrekking 5.9H

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For people who live an active life and like to discover a lot of things and new things, the "eTrekking 5.9 H" is perfect. The VICTORIA developers have improved the VAE for better acceleration with the BOSCH "Active Line Plus" motor with a torque of 50 Nm, which draws its energy from a 500 Wh battery. This is the highest possible capacity that BOSCH offers in its range for rack batteries. It provides a marked increase in range and can turn a short hike at the end of the day into a long hike.

The quiet engine is the best in its class and promises, due to its compact size, agile handling as well as docile and comfortable road holding - the best conditions for a trek beyond the city limits with friends. and the family. The low-maintenance SHIMANO "Nexus" 7-speed and freewheel hub gear completes the entire drivetrain.

Well dosed and spontaneously incisive - these are the two facets of the powerful MAGURA "HS11" hydraulic rim brake. You can always count on its braking power, whether it's reacting spontaneously in delicate situations or distributing your force in a forward-looking way in a downhill passage.

Comfort - the keyword that characterizes the VICTORIA brand, is definitely not neglected for the "eTrekking 5.9 H". It starts with the low leg arch, which incidentally is now two-tone and has minimized brand graphics, and continues through the SUNTOUR suspension fork to the cockpit, which consists of the CONTEC "comfort bar" handlebars and the Wing ergonomic handles. The e-bike is suitable for the road thanks to the CURANA mudguards and the closed chain guard which protect against dirt and rainwater, as well as the CONTEC lighting. With the solid 30 lux, the front headlight lights the way home.
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