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Smart, sophisticated, space-saving - that's the QiO EINS. The formula behind it? It's very simple: We form a compact aluminum frame with a low passage, add an easy-care drive and choose accessories that compress to a minimum for storage. With 5, 8, 14 gears to choose from or even a continuously adjustable derailleur, the QiO EINS always offers the right frequency in town and on the road. Always with us: Welcome tailwind generated by the Bosch engine. It molds perfectly to the shape of the frame and, thanks to its low and centered position, offers a natural and balanced driving feeling, with a smooth to sporty thrust. Just ride, start, have fun every day - that's what the QiO EINS stands for. 
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Come and discover our wide range of city bikes and sports bikes at the Etterbeek store.

We also offer a large selection of accessories to equip your bike according to your needs or the weather.

Helmets, headlights, padlocks, gloves, saddlebags, tires, tubes, and lots of other accessories are in stock. Goodbye !